Sunday, 27 December 2009

Wand-mode - new features

Wand-mode evolves. Some new features has been added since I've posted Wand-mode description. I'll describe them.

Filename in the buffer name

Let's open some image: C-x C-f lg-tree.jpg RET, we will get something like:

orig image

Take a look at mode-line and notice that there is filename contained in the buffer name. This is very handy when switching buffers with C-x C-b.

New operation: modulate

This picture is nice, but nature looks despondently, so let us colour the truth using next command o modulate RET saturation RET 60 RET. We will get:

sat inc 60 percents

60% increased saturation

This is much better.

Support for IPTC profile

We want to add some information related to the photo, what is this and where all this happens. Let's add IPTC tags using p caption RET lg climbs trees RET and p keywords RET js-kit, corporative RET. We'll get:

caption and keywords added

Caption and Keywords added

Pixel color picker

Wonder what is the color of my shorts, let's click on them:

pixel color picker

Pixel color picker

Pixel coordinates, it's color and RGB values are displayed. Very handy.

Global operations

Sometimes you need to view bunch of images applying certain operations stack, for example zoom-in. For this purpose there is command to fixate current operations, bound to O by default. Let's press O and follow up to next image with SPC.

global operations

Global operations applied

We see global operations, and also notice that those operations was automatically applied to the image. However increased saturation is not suitable for this photo, so we cancel it with undo (C-/):

operations canceled

Operations canceled

To reset global operations press C-u O.

Simple EXIF data (properties) editor

Sometimes you need to edit EXIF data. I don't use this functionality, IPTC profiles are enough for me, however friend of mine asked for it. It is not that hard for couple of beers. Start editor with e key. It will filter out image properties according to Wand-mode-properties-pattern ("^exif:" by default).

New operation: grayscale

There are many methods to make image be black&white. Simplest and greatest one is to zerofy the saturation with o modulate RET saturation RET -100 RET command. However o grayscale RET operation has been added for your convenience.

New operation: fit to size

If you need scale image to fit into given box, then use o fit to size RET operation. It will use Wand-mode-scaler procedure to perform scaling. You can create custom scalers with Wand-make-scaler macro. Pretty good scaler might look like:

(setq Wand-mode-scaler
      (Wand-make-scaler :GaussianFilter 1))

Take a look at docstrings for Wand-mode-scaler and Wand-make-scaler for exhaustive information.

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